Special Needs

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Special Needs

Whether you or a loved one has special needs, you need dental care providers who understand your unique challenges. At the office of Heather M. Wilmore, DDS, Dr. Wilmore and her team know that every person is different, so they offer personalized dental care for special needs children and adults. From the office in Houston, Texas, the team specializes in treating patients with developmental, physical, sensory, mental, and other types of disorders or impairments. Call the office or book an appointment online for gentle dental care that puts your needs first.

Do special needs individuals require different dental care?

Yes. In many cases, individuals with mental disabilities or special needs require uniquely tailored dental care. If you or your child have a developmental, physical, sensory, mental, or another kind of disorder, impairment, or challenge, special needs dentistry can make the dental care process calmer and easier. 

Sometimes, special needs individuals have more oral health problems than others because of difficulty doing oral care at home, a medication that damages oral health, mouth trauma related to seizures, or other reasons. 

Dr. Wilmore understands these challenges, and they specialize in dental care for special needs and high-anxiety patients to help you or your loved one achieve continued excellent oral health. 

How can special needs individuals prevent dental problems?

Your special needs dentist at the office of Heather M. Wilmore, DDS, recommends a personalized preventive dentistry plan. This usually includes:

  • Daily brushing and flossing at home
  • A healthy, low-sugar diet
  • Regular professional teeth cleanings
  • Regular check-ups

Dr. Wilmore may also recommend treatments to protect your vulnerable teeth, such as dental sealants. 

Dental sealants place a thin barrier over tooth chewing surfaces' many small pits and fissures. This can repel bacteria and prevent food particles from lodging in the teeth to cause decay. 

What if I or my loved one is anxious or scared?

Dr. Wilmore dedicates herself to creating a calming and serene environment for her special needs patients. She confers with you regarding what works best for you or your loved one’s needs and makes any necessary adjustments to ensure a successful visit.

Before your first visit, the practice will discuss any additional measures of comfort they can provide, such as IV Sedation, wheelchair accommodations, or additional appointment times if you need to be accompanied by a paramedic or caretaker. 

If you or your loved one have special needs, it’s essential to have a dental care team you can trust. Heather M. Wilmore, DDS, takes a compassionate approach to special needs dentistry, and its experts are ready to help now. Call the office or schedule a visit online anytime.